Monday, October 18, 2010

My Dumpster Was On Fire And I Didn't Even Know It !!!

I was getting ready to go to the Mayoral Debate tonight at the Indian and Metis Friendship Center, just waiting for my husband to get home from work. He came in the door and asked me if I knew there was a fire truck in the back lane. I was a little confused at his question as I did not hear a siren that close. I mean, there had been sirens all day, but nothing stopped on the street. Some sirens seemed close, but that was normal.
Of course I jumped up, and went outside and around the back of the house. I got in the back lane and a few of the neighbours were there. Apparently my dumpster was on fire. The neighbours called 911 to report the fire. They were told a truck would be right there, as it was just around the corner. Sure enough the fire truck drove into the lane, no siren, no lights, and stopped off at my dumpster to put out the flames.
That would explain why I didn't hear the sirens in the back lane. There were none. I did hear the siren for the fire truck when it stopped around the corner, but that would not have been close enough for me to be alarmed in any way, or for me to bother looking out the window or go down the street to see what was up.
I am feeling a little silly that I was at home and did not know my dumpster was on fire. And I did not notice a fire truck in the back lane.


  1. Who is lighting all these fires? Judging by their frequency, it is as though there are people actively looking for piles of garbage to set ablaze...

  2. I think they should increase the fines for people caught illegally dumping things like couches and mattresses. They are a fire hazard. When I was in my youth, and If I was drunk enough, and had a lighter with flammable material, the thought of burning a dumpster would probably have crossed my mind...

  3. I keep a large pad and pencil by my back door. This comes in handy for taking down license plate numbers of trucks that dump garbage into my bin. The dumpers are cowards and usually take off if they see you coming pen and pad in hand. It is also useful for taking the plate # of "johns" that are picking up prostitutes on my corner. Amazing how quickly they push the girl out of the "Jag" when they see my mighty pad and pen. Note to morons: Don't drive the company truck when you are picking up a prostitute, that just makes my job so much easier.
    If you live in the north end, constant vigilance is your fate. But at least, it is never dull.