Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did Someone Throw Bleach In My Dumpster?

Today is Thursday. That means it is Garbage Day in my back lane. And of course my dumpster, along with all the other dumpsters in my lane got emptied today. It has not been that long ago when I would not have been able to say that. I remember the first week that I started this blog, near the end of August. The garbage truck came down the lane and emptied most of the garbage bins, but did not empty all of them. And I remember back in June, when I first called 311 to tell them that my dumpster had not been emptied for three weeks, and I was tired of the garbage truck driving down my lane and selecting which dumpster or dumpsters it would empty that week.
But now I get my dumpster emptied every Thursday. This Thursday was special in a different way as well. It was business day 5 after I requested my dumpster by sanitized. I received my email notification from 311 on October 14 at 9:47pm that the three autobins I requested would be sanitized within 5 business days.  So, Friday Oct 15 would have been one business day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, yes Thursday Oct 21 would be business day 5.
I went out into the back lane around noon today and the dumpsters were empty. I could see the garbage stuck to the bottom of the dumpsters, and my burned out dumpster smelled of fire. I knew as of noon that the dumpsters had not been cleaned or sanitized. I wondered what they would do when they sanitized them. They must have to take the dumpsters away to get them properly cleaned. They must have to clean them when the dumpsters are empty.
I went out to vote tonight, and when I came back, I took a drive down the lane. It was dark already, but I thought I would be able to see if my burned dumpster was still there. I stopped in the alley and got out of the car. I could smell bleach. One of the other dumpsters had garbage in it, and it smelled of bleach. I went to my burned out dumpster and it smelled of bleach as well. The third dumpster had garbage stuck to the inside and had no smell of bleach. Unfortunately the back lane has only three lights. There is a light on every second pole in the back lane. And the only dumpster that I could really get a good look inside was the one that did not smell of bleach.
I sent an email to 311 tonight asking for an update on the request to sanitize the three autobins. I should have an answer on that tomorrow. But I find the only information they really have on these tickets is that they are open or closed, or they are sent on to a different department.
I will have to go out into the lane tomorrow morning to see what has been done.
But so far, it seems like someone threw a bucket of bleach into two of the dumpsters.

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