Saturday, September 4, 2010

There is movement at the Party Duplex

There are people moving into the duplex. The current occupant seems to already know them.
Two weeks ago, on August 20th I called the police to make a noise complaint. This was at 4:30am. They said they had received several other complains as well regarding the noise issue. The people had taken their party to the back yard and were yelling at each other. This went on until at least 6:00am. I know, because I could not sleep all night.
The next morning, at 9:30am the police arrived at the house and were banging on the door. They were banging for quite a while. Finally a four year old boy answered the door. Next thing I saw, there was a dog tied up next to the police car with an extention cord, and four little kids in the back of the police car.
A while later a few vehicles showed up, looking like Child and Family Services. And Judy W, the mayoral candidate, was there as well. The kids diapers were changed on the street, and the kids were taken off.
The next day there was a white truck at the party house, with a few big guys. There was a lot of yelling coming from the front yard of the house. A short while later the truck drove off with the two big guys, and several occupants of the residence.
Not all of the residents left. There are two suites in the house. The upstairs resident was still seen, with a young child. The young child and other kids of the neighbourhood were throwing rotten apples down the lane a few days later. The adult did not care, and said its the North End, and he could do what he wants. The adult was seen on a few occasions tossing garbage out the window into the yard.
Then last weekend, on Sunday, the party duplex got cleaned out. All the dumpsters down the lane got filled with garbage. Mattresses and a couch were left by the dumpsters. That mess finally got cleaned up on Thursday when the garbage trucks arrived.
The rotten apples are still in the back yard, and the wasps are getting worse every day.
Aug 20 was not the first time we called the police regarding that duplex. Several complaints had been made by many people in the neighbourhood. Several calls to the police and the landlord had been placed. This house is a known issue and has been for quite some time.
Now, it looks like people are moving in to the duplex. The current resident seems to know the people who are moving in, and I heard someone give a list of furniture that will be provided to them as they move back. It looked like another vehicle from CFS.
Did the residents get temporarily moved out so someone could shovel out their mess, then moved back in with new furniture and clothing? How often does this house cleaning process happen?
And will they be partying again tonight? Are we back to sleepless nights?

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