Monday, August 30, 2010

Party Duplex Gets Cleaned Out

I contacted the City of Winnipeg about the garbage and rotten apples in the back yard of the party duplex on my street. They were going to investigate. Thank goodness. The apples were attracting wasps and really starting to stink. And garbage was piling up in the back yard. I even saw the resident upstairs pitch garbage out of the window into the back yard.
On Sunday a van pulled up in the back lane behind the party house. The woman from the van was hauling garbage out of the house, and filled up two dumpsters. I have no idea if it was related to my complaint or not, but thank goodness. I was glad to see that someone was going to take care of the garbage accumulating at that house.

Then the property manager of the party duplex arrived at the house around noon. Again, I am not sure why he was there. He entered the location, came out and threw up. I guess it was pretty nasty inside. He mentioned that there was a vacancy that needed to be filled. Maybe he came to clean up a vacant suite. That may be the result of a whole other story from a few weeks ago involving several noise complaint calls to the police all night, the party duplex residents yelling, breaking glass, threatening neighbours all night, and the police arriving at 9:30am, followed by CFS taking three kids away. 
The police were banging on the party duplex door for quite a while. Finally the door was answered by a four year old. Next thing we saw, there were three kids sitting in the back of a police car and a dog beside the car. CFS finally showed up, changed a diaper, and took the kids. It breaks your heart to see that kind of stuff going on.
... Back to the cleanup. The property manager hired a fellow to clean up the house. The fellow had been working for a few hours already before the property manager came to check on things. He hauled garbage out of the house all day.

Enough garbage was taken out of the house to fill every dumpster in my back lane. Every dumpster is now full or overfull from the contents of the duplex. If this all came from just one suite, how bad was it in there?
Lets just say the main floor of the duplex is 1200 sq ft. I know the dumpsters are 5'x4' and stacked 6' high. It looks like 5 dumpsters worth of garbage, plus a couch, a few chairs, a kitchen table, 2 box spring and mattresses and 1 single mattress. The dumpsters alone are 600 sq ft of garbage.

Was it just from the main floor? Is the suite empty, or is this just round one? If this was the condition of the main floor, how bad is the second floor? If the property manager threw up when he entered the suite, how bad is the entire house?
And while the garbage was being hauled out of the house, while the yard was being cleaned up, the person upstairs threw another bag of garbage out the window into the back yard.
I know it's on your mind. It is certainly on mine. How many bed bugs were evicted during the clean-up. How many bed bugs were distributed down my back lane into every dumpster. How many bed bugs are on the mattresses, on the couch, in and around the entire back lane now that the garbage has been distributed?
Who gets to take the garbage out tomorrow from your house? And how close do you want to get to your dumpster?

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