Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When Is A Baby A Criminal?

So, when is a baby a criminal? In Winnipeg, apparently never.
A 10 yr old, known to police, was out with his little buddy, a 13 yr old. They were playing "lets rob some stores", armed with bear spray. And the 10 yr old didn't get charged. He is too young to be a criminal, so he isn't. And according to the news this was not his first offense.
So, in Winnipeg, 10 yr olds can do what they want and nothing gets done.
I heard nothing about charges to parents or any sort of consequence at all to the 10 yr old involved in these criminal activities.
Can we spank him? Or can we tell him in a stern voice that this is not acceptable behaviour? Or would that be child abuse?
I don't know, but to me there seems to be something wrong with this picture.


  1. What I don't understand is what kind of followup is there with a child like this? If he can't be charged, what is the plan? Is there intensive counselling, or supervision of the family? I would like someone to tell us what is actually being done to help this child and his family since there is no legal recourse.

    If it is, as I suspect, nothing but a 6 month followup phonecall by a tired harrassed social worker, the government is, yet again, negligent.

    Maybe we will have to start suing someone. I know you can't technically sue the gov't. but we can try.

  2. Better throw him in jail. Yup, that will sure turn the kid into a productive member of society. Then he will give his head a shake and start shopping at Polo Park, drinking Tim Hortons, and voting PC.

  3. How about we just kick the living shit out of him?

  4. I'm pretty confident I can take a 10 yr old.

  5. Why not put the useless parent in parenting classes .

  6. I just think it is so sad that I now have to beware of children carrying weapons - aka bear spray! As a senior lady, can I ever feel safe?