Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey Look, No Crime!

I don't seem to be getting police reports in my email as often as I used to. Does that mean crime is down in Winnipeg?
This morning I got one email reporting a crime on Selkirk Ave. Apparently a female was approached, and assaulted to the upper body but managed to escape in her vehicle. But as I read through my twitter feed I noticed CJOB reporting a "rash of stabbings overnight". I guess if the Police don't report the crimes, they really don't happen. Stabbings are not listed on the Crime Stat site, and now I guess they don't get posted in the email reports. With the Police removing their radio calls from the Police scanner, they can completely erase any crime they don't want the public knowing about.
Thankyou CJOB for giving us a hint of something that happened last night.
In Winnipeg, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil is in effect at City Hall, and with the selective reporting of crimes in the night.

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  1. Even with daily/email briefings, police are choosing what to report on and what not to. can you guess which pile is higher?