Monday, August 15, 2011

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, We Witnessed A Miracle Today!

The garbage truck came down the street today. And it stopped in front of that huge pile of bulky items the next block over. You know, the pile I just blogged about. The pile that 311 just told me I had to count, if I wanted them picked up.
I wonder why BFI dropped by to get the items. Was it because I wrote a blog piece yesterday about that great pile of crap? Or was it because I sent an email to my Councillor, Ross Eadie? Or was it because I sent an email to the head of Waste Management at the City of Winnipeg? Or maybe they came by because everyone on the block has been calling for the past month to have the stuff removed.
When I saw the BFI truck roll by, and stop in front of that pile of bulk items, I took a walk over. I wanted to make sure they picked up the entire pile. While I was on my way, I heard a neighbour comment. She said it was about time they came by to pick it up. I asked if she had contacted the City about it. She said she had. She said she has been calling for a month already. She said the woman who just moved into the house with the garbage in front has been calling the City as well. The new resident was concerned about the garbage because she has kids, and doesn't want them around that big mess of garbage on the front boulevard. And besides, it should be picked up. These people get paid to pick up garbage, and should be doing their jobs. And she said the family that was at that house last month was calling too, to get the garbage picked up. Apparently, they had concerns about the garbage pile, and their kids were climbing on it. They wanted it gone too.
Another neighbour came out of their house to watch the BFI worker clean up the pile of garbage. He had the same comment. "It's about time".
It seems everyone on the block has been calling the City to get this mess cleaned up.
And finally, the heavens parted, and a BFI truck decended on the street to take the refuse away.
It really shouldn't feel like a miracle. It is just garbage being picked up. But sometimes it is such a struggle to get this stuff picked up, that it really does feel like an act of God. It feels like we witnessed a miracle today. The garbage was picked up.

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