Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Apples Wasted On The Ground

There is an apple tree in a yard a few houses away from me. The tree has wonderful, large apples growing on it. I know, I tasted them last year. But, the owner of the residence does not seem to care that the apples are not picked and used. He doesn't seem to care that the apples just drop to the ground and rot, attracting insects and rodents.
Last year, I reported this issue to 311 and By-Laws. I wanted to see if something could be done about the apples falling on the ground. I also asked the property manager if I could pick the apples off the tree, to cut down on the waste, and number of wasps being attracted to the area. He said he had no problem with that, and I acted on it. But the tree had already been overtaken by wasps, and I was stung while trying to clear the apples from the tree. My husband and I only managed to get one single bucket of apples, before leaving the rest to the wasps.
This year, it seems we have the same problem. The apples are falling from the tree again. I would contact the property manager on the issue, except he seems to have a problem with me and/or my husband. When advising him, the other day, of loud partying coming from his property, my husband was advised to "sharpen his pencil". He was told there was nobody living there. We found that a very odd statement, especially after watching someone move in, seeing a bicycle chained to the front steps, and witnessing people coming and going from the property. But, if he doesn't want to acknowledge things happening at his property, I guess I will go straight to the City with issues related to his "unoccupied" property.
I was hoping the apples could get picked this year, and not wasted by dropping on the ground, and getting totally infested with wasps, while growing on the tree. Unfortunately they will be a nuisance again this year, instead of a treat for the kids.
I will try to document the issue enough, this year, that the By-Law department acknowledges an issue with this tree. When I asked about the issue a few months ago, I was told there was no issue last year. I was told there was a complaint, and the apples were taken care of. That is not how I remember events unfolding. But I guess it is all in the documentation. And I will try to get the tree listed with Fruit Share in the North End, so it can be picked yearly, and not be an issue to me or anyone else going forward.
I tell ya, if it's not one thing, it's another, on my block in the North End of Winnipeg.


  1. put up a fake wasps nest you can get from dollarama. might help scare them away from your property anyways.

  2. This isn't limited to the North End; this happens everywhere in the City. People inherit crab apple trees and don't harvest them (hey, not everyone likes crab apples). I'm glad there is Fruit Share so hopefully they can help out in this situation if the property manager won't do anything.

    Definitely look at getting fake wasp nests. Put one on your property and maybe try to sneak one in or around that tree.

  3. The apples on the ground are a By-Law infraction.
    And the fruit on this tree is no crab-apples, it is apples, very tasty apples.
    I would like to see these apples picked, and given to people who could benefit from it.
    That avenue is currently being explored. I will let you know how it goes.