Saturday, July 23, 2011

If A Garage Falls In The North End ....

If a garage falls in the North End, does anybody care?
The fellow I talked to at City Planning led me to believe they were on the case. He called the demolition people and was told they could be out the same day to take care of the issue. They just needed a P.O. Number. The demolition guys needed a P.O. Numbers so they would not be charged at the dump when unloading the materials. The City Planning employee said that could take up to a week to get. So, in actual fact, the demolition people were not able to take care of the garage as quickly as I was told. They would have to wait for the office work to be done. Then they could take care of a pressing emergency that may cause bodily harm to people or animals close to, or inside a building crumbling in on itself.
This is the condition the garage was in when I reported it to 311 on July 20:
I have been watching the garage deteriorate more each day, as it waits for a P.O. Number to be provided to the demolition company. I have watched as neighbourhood cats climb through the inside of the crumbling structure.
Here is the garage today:
So, who is going to win this race to the ground? Is the garage going to completely fall apart before anything is done? Or is the City going to hit a few keys on a keyboard and produce a P.O. Number so this garage can be taken away?
To me, this would seem like an urgent matter. There must be a mechanism in place at City Hall to deal with urgent matters. When the house down the street from me was gutted with fire damage, the demolition team was on site before the sun came up. They had machinery and trucks lining the street waiting for the fire to be extinguished so they could haul the remains away. The burned remnants of that house were removed within 12 hours of the fire starting. So, there must be some mechanism for P.O. Numbers to be issued when there is an urgent matter needing to be dealt with.
What I don't understand is, why is this garage not urgent enough to get a P.O. Number?
That's all it needs, and it will be taken away. Just a P.O. Number.

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