Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bloody Garage Is Going To Fall On Someone

I went for an extended walk today. Instead of going down two blocks and back up the lane across the street, I went all the way to McGregor. I find I need to do this every now and again to get photos of all the bulk garbage that has been dumped in those lanes and get them reported to 311 so they will get picked up. If you have been following this blog, you know the bulk items do not get picked up unless someone calls them in to 311. And nobody seems to call them in except me. Further to that, if you have been following this blog you are aware that there is a City Worker who is supposed to be patrolling the back lanes in order to find these bulk items, and schedule BFI to pick up these bulk items. But again, they don't get picked up unless I report them. And I do not get paid for this. But I take the time to report these issues. I do this because I want my neighbourhood to look better. And I don't want the bulk items to get set on fire. And the better the neighbourhood looks, the more we will all have a bit of pride in the neighbourhood, and the more people will start caring. Well, you get it.

On my trek down the lanes I came across a garage, or it used to be a garage. I came across an imploding structure. The roof has already caved in, and the walls are on the verge of collapse.
The wall with the garage door is the one that is concerning me the most, because it is leaning out into the lane. I was careful to walk past it at a distance, for fear it may fall over on me as I passed this fragile structure. What I want to know is, just who is responsible for the safety of this structure? Who, or how many people and/or organizations and departments should be aware of what is going on with this structure? And why has it been able to get to this level of collapse, without anyone doing a damned thing about it?
I am sending an email to 311 tonight regarding this structure, and I will be keeping an eye on it as well. I expect it to be dealt with in the very near future, in the extremely near future, right bloody now, before it kills someone when it falls.

And if you think this garage just recently came into disrepair, think again. I checked google. It has been a long time coming.

So, someone has had a bloody long time to do something about this structure years ago already, and not a thing has been done.
Not a thing has been done by the tenants of the residence, or the owners (not sure if they are the same people). Not a thing has been done by the neighbours. Not a thing has been done by the community, City By-Laws, City Planning, the police, waste management, or any other business / organization / or citizen who may have driven, walked or bicycled past this structure as it falls further and further apart. And how long would it still take if I had not decided to walk down the lane, five blocks away from my house, to find this structure in such disrepair.
Tear the thing down, now, before it kills someone. And while you are at it, drive down a couple of other streets and lanes and see if there are any other potential death threats just waiting to kill some kid.


  1. Funny you should post about this today... fear not (sort of) it has been reported, months ago. Not entirely sure what the hold up has been in having it dealt with - I am also worried that its collapse is imminent, was just talking about it with a community member on Monday night!

  2. Interesting you should post that WinnipegGirl. I noticed our other project house down the street, with the collapsing roof has finally lost integrity. The center of the roof has dropped. I am sure the entire roof will go on that house in the very near future. Again, a house that has been reported to the City months ago.

  3. City Planning has the demolition order on their desk today. They called demolition company who could take the garage down today, except they don't have a P.O. number giving 'no charge' dumping, so they will wait. Was told it could take up to a week to get the P.O. number. Here's hoping the garage doesn't come down on anyone in the meantime.