Monday, April 11, 2011

Police Scanners And The North End

I was out in the back lane this afternoon raking garbage up and scooping it into the dumpster. While I was in the lane, one of the neighbours called to me from his window. He said he called the City about the garbage around the dumpsters and under them. He asked if they could maybe clean the garbage up. He had already cleaned a lot of the garbage in the lane prior to some scrapper pulling a bunch of trash out of the dumpster in hopes of finding treasures, and leaving the mess strewn across the lane. Anyway, the City told him that they had already received a few complaints about the mess under and around the dumpsters and will be down the lane in the next few days, moving the dumpsters and cleaning the mess.
That conversation was good for two reasons. One, because it looks like the City will be out cleaning the mess under the dumpsters. The second reason is that this neighbour was actively working at making the lane a cleaner place. Then I saw him in the lane later in the day with a few other people. They were cleaning up more of the garbage that had been thrown out of the dumpster. The scales are tipping a bit further on the side of 'caring' in my back lane.
I was also told about the streaming internet site that has the Winnipeg Police Scanner on it. I thought tonight would be a good night to have a listen. Today was the first really nice day, where it was still nice outside after the sun went down. And I was out on the road just as the sun was going down tonight noticing all the youth on the streets. My thoughts were that tonight was going to be a crazy one, and there were likely going to be sirens all night long. Well, I had a listen to the Police Scanner, and I noticed that there were calls from all over the City. There were ambulance calls for people having heart issues, three suicide attempts, a few people on the ground with blood, one car side swiping a Police Cruiser, and some domestic issues. But the thing I noticed the most was that the calls were not all coming from the North End. In fact, there were only three calls having to do with the North End when I was listening. That really makes me wonder how bad the other parts of the City really are. Maybe I am safer here on my one block in the North End. There was nothin' happenin' here tonight. At least not on my street in the North End.


  1. It is so great to see other people picking up, we are seeing it here too. It is NOT much safer in the rest of Winnipeg and definitely not as friendly. One of my friends has just started a blog, he is likely to tell it like it is ,not too politically correct, but he has lived here long enough and has the right to tell it his way.
    He blogs under Old Bull at blogspot.

  2. Just in case you haven't seen this yet....