Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grow Op Smokes Another House

I saw a brief write-up in the Free Press today regarding a fire in the 300 block of Redwood Ave. So, I decided to take a walk and see what was up. I found the house, it was 395 Redwood. Nice enough house, too. Except for the obvious fire damage and new coverings on the house to close up the holes, the house looks well taken care of.
It's painted a nice bright blue, with decorative brick along the front. The roof looks like it is in good shape. The front steps look good. The back of the house has a nice looking deck. No broken windows. Everything looks good. If I was looking for By-Law infractions, I would pass this house by in a heart-beat. It looks well taken care of.
But the truth is, it was likely a grow-up. At least that is what the Police currently suspect.
I noticed yesterday there were a group of Police cars down that lane. It was in the afternoon. I remember, because I was talking to someone who had been down that way, and said there were some pot plants in the back lane. Who puts pot plants in the back lane? And it looks like there are some empty plant pots sitting in the back yard of this burned out house. So, the growers must have gotten scared and burned the evidence before anything was found. Except the fire seemed to draw a bit more attention to the situation, it seems.
Who puts their pot plants in the back lane? Or are criminals just getting stupider?

By-Law report of the day:
Issues with the back of this house need to be tended to by the landlord.


  1. If they were bright, they wouldn't be using an older house for a grow op.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to tell the people in the blue car who park in front of my house to wait for their dealer that I have your license plate # and am waiting for you to come back so that I can call the police.
    You have done it twice and third time will be unlucky.

    I am always amazed at the arrogance of people who come to this neighbourhood to buy their dope. It's like the people in this neighbourhood don't exist. I think thats what bothers me the most. You are right outside my window. Do you not see me standing there? What you are doing is illegal and you care so little that when I stand at my gate and stare at you, you don't even flinch. It' like I am supposed to cower in my house and not notice.

    I am a child of the 60's so it's not that I am shocked that someone is buying dope. It is the complete disregard and disrespect of a neighborhood that p____ me off.

    The dealer (she) is so stupid that she walks up to the car window and money and dope change hands. Then she heads down to Burrows to a house on the 300 block that is a known gang house. The police are usually there about once a month.

    Thanks for the vent..and remember blue car, I am waiting for you.

  2. Most of the grow ops are in the suburbs, because they have attached garages so plants can be carried out without being seen. I read about that fire too and the suspicion that it was a grow op.
    Sad to lose another house in the inner city.

    As another child of the sixties I don't like weed sales but peoples' behaviour is usually better on MJ than booze or crack. I hate crack, meth and most pills which just create misery.
    Here in Point Douglas we are wondering about taking the buyers licence plates and trying to stop them coming.

  3. I find there is sort of a sense of unreality with some people in this neighborhood. Like it's normal to sell drugs on the street. They don't see the world around them as actually existing outside of their reality. That some of us are working, trying to raise families in usually tough circumstances. I see people walking by my house who have physical disabilities and other issues. They might appreciate a little peace.

    It's time to make people sit up and take a look around them and stop acting like they are in a bad "B" movie. There is nothing glamorous about the gang lifestyle and frankly, I am not particularily scared of them. If I can't outsmart one of those goofs on a bad day, I might as well cash in the old chips.

    So, I am going to take down license # and make a nuisance of myself to the police and 311.

    Thanks Rae, for getting us together on this blog. It really helps to have someone to talk to in this way.