Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Having A Bad Day Today

My morning started at 6:30am. The new neighbours at the rooming house were in their back yard yelling. They were drinking and talking with their outside voices. Then the dog behind us started barking. And it continued barking for the next two hours. While the dog continued to bark, the neighbours continued to yell and howl and talk. That's how I woke up this morning.
I talked to the landlord just yesterday about the tenants that come through that house. I said the tenants all seem to be criminals and asked why those were the types of people that were being put in the rooming house. I was told the landlord wants to give them a chance. The young guy who was on parole, was given a chance, and lasted a month and a half. The criminal with the 43 charges on his record (we found his rap sheet in the lane) finally left when the sherrifs had an order against him. Another tenant went to jail for assault. Each time new tenants come, they leave again because of all the problems. Now, the new tenants seem no better. And the answer I get from the landlord is that they should be given a chance.
How about me. How about my husband. And how about our neighbourhood. Why can't we be given a chance. Why can't we get a break from these tenants?
Today, I have been scared to be in my yard. I have not wanted to deal with the happenings around me, and want my husband at my side. Every time he steps more than three feet away from me, I get edgy again. What kind of a life is this? I don't really think anything will happen, but the bullshit is getting pretty thick today, and I am just getting sick of it again. I am having one of those "run for your life" kind of days.
This was a good street when my husband first purchased his house, but over the years the tenants have changed. We have several houses that I consider to be "bad houses". Unfortunately, there is no law against bad people living on my street. And there is no law against landlords putting known criminals in their houses.
Spring is here on my street, and today, it just isn't going all that well for me.
I can't say everything that's gone down in the last 24-36 hours in this blog. Some things I don't feel comfortable in typing into this blog, for fear of retaliation from the criminal element. Pretty sad state of affairs, if you ask me. Criminals should not have this sort of power over the good folks living in the eye of what seems like a tornado.
Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I can shake this feeling of powerlessness that is hanging over me today. Maybe the sun will come out and brighten my mood.
But for now, I am just going to put in a good chick flick, and pour myself a cocktail. (Unfortunately, no chocolate in the house at the moment).


  1. I'm sorry to hear about problems.

    Forgive my confusion: high turnover and problem tenants who probably don't pay rent can't be easy for the land lord. Does this rooming house have a mandate to take these people in, or is the landlord a glutton for punishment, or is it possible that he's involved with a gang himself? Or is he really just that much of a softie?

    Anyhow, I hope things get better for you.

  2. I suspect this landlord does not give a shit about who lives in his crappy rooming house as long as he gets the rent. He is a lazy landlord who does not check references and accepts any loser/idiot in his place. The rooming house is probably so vile that very few people would consider living in it so he has to accept anyone who says they will pay.
    He likes to give these poor souls a chance, why doesn't he buy the house next to his own and give them a chance there.