Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Do I Bother Caring About This Neighbourhood?

Days like this I really have to ask myself why I bother to care about this neighbourhood. I mean really.
I just received another Police report stating that two youths held up a commercial property on the 300 block of Aberdeen. One youth had a shot gun. And we all know what that means. The youth will be out shortly to swing another shot gun in someone's face. Just a few weeks ago another youth, or maybe even the same one, was caught with a loaded machine gun, a 9mm gun, a rifle and some ammunition. That was on the 300 block of Boyd. I remember in October another youth had guns on the 200 block of Boyd. And another youth was arrested for a murder committed in 2009 and put back on the streets to be re-arrested for a murder he committed as an adult in 2010. It seems in Canada our youth can do what they want. Even if they get arrested they are right back on the streets to swing another gun in someone's face.
Why should I care about this neighbourhood if our political leaders refuse to do anything about the laws that allow these young criminals to continue what they are doing? I am getting down right sick of this. Young criminals have more rights than anyone else in this country.
Or maybe this is just winter blues. Maybe if I just go to the spa for the day I will feel better and be able to go happily about my day. Like I could actually afford a spa day. That comment was sarcasm. What will really happen is I will go on, life as usual, trying to get past the fact that youth with guns run rampant in my neighbourhood and the government is not going to do a ... thing about it.


  1. The "Government" has tried (Numerous times) to tighten the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The opposition likes the "kid gloves" approach. It's too bad partisan politics gets in the way of delivering what the citizens really want. Take a look at the left wing voting on the matters. Thank goodness Judy Alphabet is gone... Talk about two faced. Maybe the new Lib will tell his "leader" Winnipeg needs their party ONSIDE.
    As to why do you care. To paraphrase Juror #11 in 12 Angry Men, "For the same reason (they don't care): it's the way (you were) brought up

  2. Well, we are Liberal now in the North End, with Kevin L. Apparently he is having a meeting on safety at the end of February. He wants us to tell him what he should be taking to the table when the government meets. I guess this is when we get to voice our opinions on Safety in the North End, and what the Provincial government needs to do for us. I will post more information on the meetings when I hear more.
    As for '12 Angry Men', I guess that means I can be cinematically an angry person who was brought up to care. I feel I am in good company with Henry Fonda and George Voskovec.

  3. The provincial government cant do anything - it is the feds who control the criminal code - and dont buy this bullshit that the tories cant do anything because of the opposition - they have no problem pushing their corporate tax cuts through - they are all rhetoric - no action

  4. why do you worry so much about the low life in your neighborhood,the goverment ,the city & the justice system don't care what these youths do, they rule all parts of the city. however the northend is the worst & getting bad. The only solution i have is move to a better part of the city. at least my neighbors don't have guns pointed at me when i go outside.

  5. And don't forget, if you actually try to defend yourself when attacked by one of these losers, you are the one that will probably end up in jail...interesting system we have.

  6. Why do we care about this neighbourhood?
    1.Because after living here only a year, I know the names of my neighbours and they know mine.
    .The little things we do for each other, like clear a bit of extra snow, mow a little extra grass or keep an eye on the kids and pets.
    3.Walking down the street means saying "Hi" to all you meet and having them say "Hi" back. Even the guys in the halfway house on the corner give you a wave.
    4. The friendly couple at the corner store who always share a laugh and have the most beautiful and smartest grandaughter in the world. She sits on the counter and bags your stuff. I think she is about 3.
    5. The owners that walk their dogs and stop by the fence so my dog can have a visit.
    6. The beautiful tall trees that give me shade in the summer.
    7. The apartment block on the corner that has people from all over the world living in it. Where else in this city can you see a woman balancing a huge box on her head proudly and regally walking down the street?
    8. The people who always stop by to admire your garden and ask questions and trade tall gardening tales.

    There are idiots everywhere and great people everywhere. You can't run from bad stuff, it usually finds you anyway.

  7. WOW, thank you Marie, you summed it up beautifully. I love the area of Point Douglas where I live,it is so pretty, by the river, trees
    and some lovely old houses...affordable too.
    Sadly and fortunately the idiots who run around with guns and knives kill each other, gang issues, drugs not paid for; or just stupid macho attitudes,pissing matches with guns.
    Yes it is up to the federal gov. to change the laws with regards to offending youth. These American Liberal ideas are a major part of the problem. Poverty is not the only reason, lots of poor people are decent , the large majority. Drugs and addictions are hugely involved and terrible parenting, maybe as a result of residential schools; also as a result of the colonail cheque, called welfare.
    Meanwhile I will snitch and rat out every ganger, every dealer and any armed idiot in my neighbourhood, that's what good neighbours do. I have the right to keep my immediate area safe for me my family and my neigbours.

  8. I wonder what you mean by "shortly". Firearm related offenders have an extremely difficult time getting bail, and they're looking at jail sentences on conviction. Last week a kid with no record who was allegedly connected to a shotgun-wielding youth was denied bail.

    The YCJA recognizes that kids aren't fully morally developed, and to that extent it is more lenient with them than it is with adults. Is someone here actually going to argue for the absurd position that kids should be treated as harshly as adults?

    Some kids are beyond hope, unfortunately. This is usually due to brain damage and a lack of public resources to adequately address their needs outside of jail. The YCJA says that jail is not supposed to be a substitute for social programs. This provision is a recognition of the fact that we don't want our society to return to the dark ages when people with mental disorders were doomed to life-long imprisonment.

    For those that will not reform, they will end up in Headingly, Stony, or worse in short enough time. For the rest, some leniency in the short term can pay off in the long term.