Friday, January 28, 2011

The Invasion Of My Glove Box

I don't lock my van doors. I used to, when I lived in Fort Rouge, but I don't anymore.
If my vehicle gets broken into, it is considered vandalism, and I would have to pay my full deductable to get the damages repaired. That is something I cannot afford. So, I leave no valuables in my vehicle, and I don't lock the doors. That way the curious can enter, rummage, and leave, and it doesn't cost me a cent.
This morning when I went to my van I noticed the contents of my glove box on the passenger seat. I know what that means. It means someone was in the van last night.
This happens quite often, so often in fact that it doesn't really bother me anymore. I simply put the contents back in the glove box, and get on with my day.
Whoever was in my van was not interested in the snow scrapers, or the extra pair of winter boots that have been left in the van. They were not even interested in the National Geographic Magazine. I guess they are not heavy readers.
I sometimes wonder who goes into the van. You would think by now that they would know there is nothing of value in it. Or do they enter the vehicle for the space available at the back. Since the back seats have all been taken out, there is plenty of room back there. Are the ladies who work the streets using my van as a place of business? I hope not. I am not insured to run a business from the van. And I am darn sure I don't want them in my vehicle.
I have seen condoms on the front street beside, or a car length away from my van in the past. When I see those condoms, the thought occurs again that the ladies are conducting business nearby, and on the front street.
Then my mind wonders again to thoughts of the night. What is happening on my street when the sun goes down. What is happening after the general populace falls asleep? I am sure there is a whole sub-culture of action out there, even in the winter. And then, again, I think about cameras. They are not such a bad idea when I want to know just who invaded my glove box last night.
Cameras. Night time Cameras. Cameras watching my street. I will have to put some thought into that.

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