Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There's A Couch In My Dumpster!

On my way home this afternoon, I happened to take a quick look down my back lane. I could see something sticking out of the dumpster behind my house. What Now? What's been dumped in the lane this time?
Well, I went into the lane to have a look. There was an entire couch stuck into the dumpster. Now, I know that nobody from my lane put the couch into the dumpster. Nobody lifts a couch up over their head and places it in a dumpster. No, this came from the back of a truck. Then I had a closer look into the dumpster and noticed two tires and some windows. Then I saw the dumpsters down the lane had been filled with more items. It seems the dumpsters that have no lids are the ones with items dumped into them. I guess it is easier when driving down the lane in a truck, to stop at the dumpsters without lids.
My husband commented that he noticed something sticking out of the dumpster earlier this morning. He said he was in the lane yesterday and those items were not present. And he said he heard a truck in the lane last night as well. But you can't get up and look out the window every time you hear something.
On a more positive note, while I was in the back lane looking at all the extra goodies we now have custody of until garbage day, I saw that the old burned out couch from across the back lane is now gone. The back of the house still remains the same, with scorch marks and holes in the porch wall, but the couch is no longer sitting against the fence. It is gone.
I guess we have to celebrate the victories.

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