Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garbage Truck Took My Pink Couch

The garbage truck came down my lane this morning. It's Thursday today, and as you may know, Thursday is garbage day in my back lane. I was a little concerned that the dumpster behind my house would not be emptied, because there was a big pink couch sticking out of it. I remember earlier in the summer when someone dumped a door in the dumpster, that the garbage truck was not able to empty its contents. I had to contact 311 and request a special truck to come down the lane and remove the door so the dumpster could get emptied. Well, I expected the same results this morning.
When I went down my lane this morning, I noticed all the dumpsters had been emptied. I mean all of them, even the one that had the big pink couch in it. I don't know how they managed to get the whole thing into their truck, but more power to them. That saved me an email to to have the couch picked up. Thanks garbage guys. I appreciate your efforts.

On a related topic, I had asked Peter deGraaf a question regarding the reporting of illegal dumping acts. Peter is the manager of Community By-Laws Enforcement Services. I wanted to know if all reports containing a vehicle license number would be sent through the Legal Services department to have the owner information requested so prosecution could take place. This morning, I received a reply to that query.

Hi Rae,

Thanks for your inquiry. 

With respect to illegal dumping, CBES needs the following evidence in
order to proceed with enforcement activities:

-a witness statement
-vehicle plate number
-vehicle description
-description of the individual

Pictures of the above would enhance the investigation.

Yours truly,

Peter de Graaf
Manager of Community By-law Enforcement Services
City of Winnipeg
Community Services Department

So there it is. We now know what information we need to collect in order for the Community By-Laws department to be able to act on the illegal dumping reports that we are sending in.  They need the license number, vehicle description, description of the individual doing the dumping and a statement from the witness to the illegal act. And if one could take a picture that would be even better. Now that we know what we need, lets work toward getting all the required information, and report this information to 311 or so we can stop these illegal dumpers.
If you have provided all the information needed and have not been asked to make a statement, contact 311 or the By-Law Offices and find out why.
It is up to all of us to patrol our neighbourhoods, and ensure these people are not using our lanes like a landfill. And it is up to us to ensure the City Departments are taking our efforts seriously.

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  1. I hear your pain but as someone who has lived in the West End for several years, I thought it would be nice if the city just aimed at picking up all garbage as fast as possible, no matter where it is. Or would that encourage dumping to the extreme I wonder? I wonder what percentage of our garbage is picked up vs dropped off? We don't want people that are into demolition and renovations to use the bins for their waste I guess.