Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday Night In District 3

It must have been a quiet night in district 3 last Friday. That was the night six police cars converged on my front street. What would cause that many police to show up on one street at one time? Was it a gun threat? Or a domestic disturbance? Or were they having a meeting outside my house? I saw they dropped in on one house on the street. But I saw nothing more.
In checking the crime stat map on our WPS website, I found it was a very slow night. There were only 5 items posted for that night, all break & enter and robberies.
I checked the news releases sent to my email address. Nothing was mentioned about my street. In fact, there were zero news releases for Friday related to the District 3 area. The only news release for the city at all for Friday was a Firearm Investigation (Nov 25, 2011 11:30pm C11-246277). The police "executed a warrant at a hotel suite within the 1700 block of Wellington Avenue".
It seems that Friday night was a slow night for crime fighters in our city. Nothing happening in the North End, and nothing happening in the rest of the City either. Well, except for a hotel near the airport. That must be trouble from out of town.
If I got my information from crime stats and police reports, I would certainly think nothing was happening here.

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