Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bicycles And People Explained

If you live in the 'hood, you see it all the time. You see people standing in the lane or on the front street. They wait. And they wait. Then a bicycle pulls up, and the bicycle leaves.
What just happened? A drug deal. This is how drugs are delivered in the North End. And they are delivered all the time. Sometimes one house can have several deliveries in a single day. But it happens in broad daylight and at night. It happens all the time.
This particular incident had two different people waiting for their deliveries in front of the same house, and both had drugs delivered by bicycle. The people riding the bicycles are generally kids, youth, young people.
We see these kids riding around the neighbourhood all the time. When a kid is stabbed at 2:00am in the North End while riding his bicycle, this is where our thoughts go. A kid running drugs. A kid running drugs for some gang. A kid, because they are protected by the Young Offenders Act.
Bicycles come and bicycles go. And people wait outside their houses for another delivery.
Just another day in the hood.


  1. It is a very common site in my neighbourhood. They wear black clothes at night so the helicopter doesn't pick them out. Of course, they can still see them but I don't think anything is being done about them.

    I have noticed some police foot patrols on Aikins lately. Wave as they go by!!!

  2. don,t fool your self bikes are just another kind of transportation,drugs are delivered in various ways,police cars,etc,