Monday, October 10, 2011

Quiet Times As Fall Sets In

The neighbourhood is slowing down now. There is not as much happening on the street with the changing of the weather.  This happens every year. We look forward to fall and winter, because those are the slow months, and the quiet times. I guess it also helps that I don't do my back lane walks anymore, or very seldom anyway. My husband still does the walks, and reports from time to time on police tape seen, hookers on corners, huge piles of garbage, and recently one very persistant person looking to buy some crack.
My view of my neighbourhood now is what I see from my house, and what I hear from my yard. There are still noises, but not as much. There are people screaming and yelling all night, but not as many. And now I am just closing the window and sticking my head under my pillow. And my husband moves to a quieter room in the house to sleep. We have joined the masses who ignore the fighting.
When driving through the neighbourhood, I still find myself looking for crime scenes or police presence as I turn the corner for home. It happened so often during the summer that it is almost odd to have no police presence. I am hoping that feeling will go away soon.
Besides the odd murder, and occasional stabbing, and the gun shot yesterday, things seem to be slowing down for the winter. Let's hope things continue to slow and we have a quiet winter.


  1. When the weather changes all the losers go back to the reserve to be a burden on their families all winter. Come springtime your neighbourhood will be blooming with bums all over again!

  2. How true -
    Great Blog.Enjoy reading it and I am a resident of Manitoba so do hope your hood gets better.
    Keep up the good reporting.

  3. Oh my goodness. Anon at Oct. 10th 11:43am, that was a completely unnecessary and racist comment. Yes they go to reserves 10x worse than the NE and people say, why do you live there? Then they come to the NE and people say, go away, you are a loser. WTF.