Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Females Assaulted in North End

While I was checking my lane today, I had a chat with one of my neighbours. I was told they called the police early this morning. Actually, the call went out at 6:34am, but the incident started at 6:32am. They called 911 because they saw five females fighting, then provided the location. It seems two females were getting beaten up by three others. They told the emergency dispatch to "send a car here" because there were two girls getting beaten up.
Eight to ten minutes later the police cruiser car arrived. As the car arrived, the culprits scattered. Well, actually they ran to a house across the street. One of the girls who was being beaten had also gotten away since the call was made to the police.
The police approached the male onlookers who called the police and asked if they were involved in the fight. They said they were not, and they were the ones who called. Then they added that the fight involved females. The response from the police was "way to be scholars, you guys are deputies". What the heck?? What kind of response is that for police to have when citizens call 911 regarding two females being assaulted?
Then, as the police were speaking with the witnesses, onlookers, concerned citizens who reported the assault, the three females doing the assault appeared from a nearby house. They were identified by these concerned citizens, and the police put the victim in the police car and left.
Again I say, what the heck!!!! Why did the police not talk to the girls identified as the assailants?
What is wrong with this picture? Why were the assailants not approached by the police? And why was the victim taken away in a police car?
These guys did the right thing. They called 911 to report an assault taking place on two women. When the police arrived, they were treated with suspicion and sarcasm. Even then, they just wanted to see some sort of justice being done. They wanted the police to take this issue seriously and do something about the three individuals they identified as the assailants. But that was ignored. All they saw was a victim being taken away.
Then I got to talking with my neighbours a little more. I mentioned my lastest encounter with 911, and the intoxicated gentleman who crashed through the bushes and later drove his truck into a fence, passing out at the wheel. The next thing that was said actually shocked me. He said he was witness to the truck coming and going. And he said he was witness to it crashing into the fence. He gave that information to the police, when they were in the lane.
The police received information from two seperate and unrelated parties regarding the drunk driver, and still nothing was done about it.
So, I wonder, how many more times will these citizens call the police to report assaults, or other crimes being committed? How many more times will they be treated with sarcasm and suspicion, and how many more times will the police fail to deal with the guilty parties? And why are 50 year old white folks and 20 something young guys across the lane having the same experiences with the police, when calling in crimes? What is really going on here?
All I can say is, I sure hope these neighbours of mine are there for me, if ever I need someone to call 911.

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