Saturday, July 30, 2011

All You Had To Do Was Ask

Wow, what a turnout. All Ross Eadie had to do was ask for a little help. And he got it in spades.
I went out to Main Street this morning to help Ross, and the rest of the volunteers who came out to help plant flowers along the boulevard on Main Street. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got to my checkpoint at Redwood, but I kind of thought there would be a good turnout. Well, there was. I am sure there were over twenty people at Redwood and Main when I got there just after 8am this morning. And more people arrived after that. That was just one of three checkpoints where volunteers gathered to plant flowers on the boulevard along Main Street this morning.
It seems the City of Winnipeg didn't think Main Street in the North End warranted flowers this year. But the North End disagreed. And our City Councillor disagreed. Ross organized the aquisition of flowers (mostly donated I am told) and called for volunteers to help plant them. I guess all Ross had to do was ask. Because there sure were flowers, and there sure were volunteers out this morning to help with the project.
The planting exercise was well organized, with boulevard captains ensuring people were safe, and collecting empty potting containers so they weren't caught by the wind. There were teams of planters and teams watering the plants. We were all given safety vests, and instructions on keeping safe.
"Cross only at intersections"
"Face North or South when on the boulevard"
"Make sure the empty planting pots don't blow into the street"

By 9:30am all the planters in my area were filled and watered. We took care of the stretch from Redwood Ave. to Selkirk Ave. What a difference it makes when the weeds are pulled and flowers planted. And what a great job all of the volunteers did in taking care of the planters this morning.
All Ross had to do was ask and the North End was there, trowels in hand, ready to take care of business. That's what neighbourhoods do. And the North End is one of those neighbourhoods. We have a lot of great people, who really care. And we are there when needed.
Thanks Ross, for asking us to help. Because you know, all you have to do is ask.


  1. You guys know you could have just sat around drinking then told Ross that you did it when really you didn't... right?

  2. I passed by y'all on the way to NK this morning.Quite an impressive lineup of folks !

  3. I, for one, enjoyed doing my part.
    A big thank you to all who donated the flowers as well.