Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We F*ck'n Own This Town Man!

A group of women were walking down the back lane, the oldest one (a granny) pushing a shopping cart filled with Dollarama bags. The others appeared to be in their teens.
"We f*ck'n own this town man".
"We own it".
"We f*ck'n own this town".
The diatribe could be heard as they made their way down the lane.
As they got to their destination, they rang the North End doorbell.
"Hey, let me in".
"It's Me".
"Let me in".
I don't remember turning my town over to the Dollarama Bag Gang. I must have missed that meeting.
Here's my two cents on the topic:

"I f*ck'n bought my house, man".
"I live here, and pay my taxes".
"I'm f*ck'n staying, man".
"And you don't own this town".

"You may own your Dollarama crap".
"And you may own a lawn chair".
"But I'm f*ck'n staying, man".
"And you don't own this town".


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog very much. I always get excited when I see something new from your RSS feed :)

  2. Sam Katz opens his council meetings the same way. :)

  3. Why is it so easy for some too be so angry & express it loudly to the world around them, cursing those who work so hard to make their environment a good & comfortable place to live. We are fortunate to have folks like you who wear a smile..... living with pride in others who share your dreams of harmony...... with your neighbors & community overall. You are the positive example & you do shine. Please for the sake of us all...keep it up.
    Cheers, D.

  4. Good One Rae!!!!!!

    When did it become a status thing to be an a__h_le?

    How was your weekend? Between the non stop sirens and the fireworks and yelling from all the houses around us, we managed to sleep in 2 hour increments on Canada Day.

    I kept having terrible fantasies about shoving towels down peoples throats and kicking them in the a____!

  5. Sirens definitely non-stop. Dogs barking, fireworks, yelling, you name it.
    We have been sleeping downstairs with the air conditioner turned on drowning out a lot of the noise. So, we have been getting some sleep.
    It's amazing how much these issues affect our quality of life and ability to function during the day.