Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Stuff In The Lane

I feel like Quincy. There's a trail of red in the back lane. But what is it? Is it paint? I am no expert of fluids. My training is actually bones; both animal and human, I can identify them. But I don't do soft tissue. And I don't identify fluids.

I have some knowledge of splatter. But that is based on shows like CSI, and an exhibit that was at the Museum of Man and Nature some years ago, put on by the Police Forensics department. Based on the the splatter of said red fluid, I would hazzard a guess that it started at the fence, and moved to the middle of the lane.
And based on the slight outward splatter in the center of the lane, the item would have dropped straight down. It doesn't really look like ketchup, and doesn't really look like paint. Anything further than that, I cannot say for sure, and am not going to speculate to the blog-o-sphere. I am not about to touch it, smell it, or taste it. And I am not bringing a sample home for testing. It can just stay where it is, in the lane.
Further news in the lane today - it's Thursday and the garbage is still there. Here's hoping it gets picked up tomorrow.


  1. Does not look like blood. Blood turns a distinctive brownish colour after a few hours. Additionally, bugs and insects are attracted to the taste.

  2. I won't speculate either as to the nature of the fluids, but I will say that I'm a little envious of your remarkably new and smooth backlane!

  3. Purple Rod- if the red fluid is not blood, that makes me feel so much better about coming across it.
    One Man Committee- thankyou for noticing. That particular back lane was re-done a few years ago. I remember, because they moved all the dumpsters to the front street, for what seemed like the entire summer. The work was slow. It seemed to be the lowest of priorities. But the result was finally, a nice new back lane. There are a few people in that lane who actually sweep the lane. It's good to see that sort of thing.