Friday, February 25, 2011

Who's That Stumbling On My Steps?

There was a rustle at my door this morning. It sounded like someone was rummaging on my front steps. But that's a normal sound for me early in the morning, as we get the newspaper delivered daily. And it was about that time that we heard the noise. I remember commenting to my husband that the sound must be coming from the delivery person, except the rustling noise seemed to go on for too long. Then, of course, we rolled over and grabbed a few more minutes sleep before getting up and starting the coffee. Then my husband looked out the window. Sure enough there was a Police car on the street, parked a few houses down. Next thing we saw was a fire truck. It pulled up on the street beside the police car. Then I looked out the window and saw the back door to the Police car was open, and the first responders seemed to be tending to someone.
Then I saw a Free Press car pull up and our paper got delivered. I told my husband, and said that the rustling couldn't have been the paper being delivered, because that just happened now. We looked at each other and both knew something must have happened on our front doorstep this morning. It must have been related to the events unfolding on our street.
As I got ready for work I wondered if the fire truck would move. It was parked right in front of my van and would be preventing me from leaving.
Then an ambulance showed up, and the fire truck left the scene. I was grateful that I would not be late for work this morning.
Shortly after that the ambulance left, followed by the police car.
So, what happened? I don't know. But I do know there was blood splatter in the snow outside my yard, and a bloody face print in the snow bank. I just want to know what made all that noise on my front steps this morning. I know I won't get any answers from the Police if I call and ask them. Police business is Police business, and those being arrested are protected by the Privacy Act. Maybe I will take a plaster cast of the bloody snow imprint outside my house to see who was stumbling on my steps this morning. Finally, my archaeology degree will be put to use.
At a recent Safety meeting it was mentioned that it was the little things that wear you down. The person was right, it is the little things like this that wear you down. One Police car hear, an abandoned couch there, a piece of forensic evidence at my doorstep. It's the little things that can wear us all down if we don't just laugh it off and get on with our day.

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