Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Migratory Patterns Of Gang Members

We have had a bit of movement on our street this past month or so. One house just cleared out, with the landlord trucking most of the items away. However, the dumpster in behind that house is now sky high with garbage and car parts. I cannot say for sure if the front bumpers beside the dumpster came from inside that house, but I can say that they were placed beside the dumpster. This particular house was the same one that had gang signs decorating their windows in that artifical snow spray used for Christmas decorating. And it was the same location that we had commented earlier in the year that they looked like they had sideways guns, which would match their sideways hats. It may even be the same house where the police found guns a while back.
All I really know is that the landlord cleared out the house. So, the tenants have moved on. I do not know what street, or what neighbourhood they moved to, but they are no longer at that one particular house.
Another house that had constant attention from the Police was up for sale earlier in the year. The for sale sign is now down. I am not sure if the tenants have re-located, or if there will be a change in police attention at that location, but it is worth noting.
Another house, that seemed to have a lot of gang activity, is now vacant. It will be interesting to see the outcome of that house.
We have had a new owner move into a house which was previously a drug house. The house was purchased for a very low price, gutted, fixed up, and is now a welcome addition to the street.
The rooming house has seen a change in occupancy during the month. I am not sure if that is good news or bad, but time will tell.
The infill house, being built in our back lane, is just about ready for occupancy. That is exciting news for us. We know the landlord takes care of his houses. And he says he holds high standards for his tenants. I look forward to the house being occupied.
We still have several houses on the street with gang members or affiliations. But the street has improved just in the past 30 days. I hope those moving in to the now vacant houses will be better than the ones who left. It is up to the landlords now to find their new tenants. With any luck the landlords will exercise better discretion this time around.
People come and people go, gang and non-gang alike. As neighbours, we have little say in who moves onto our street, where they come from, or how long their criminal records may be. We know nothing about where they go when they leave. We just hope they are good neighbours while they are on our street.
I understand that we should not have control over where people live, and who is allowed to live in one area or another. That is not at all what I am saying. I would just like to know that the people living beside me, and sharing my street, are not dangerous criminals. Thats it.
All we, as neighbours can do to ensure our streets are safe is to wait and see. We hope for the best, and report the rest.

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