Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Neighbours Being Great Neighbours

The snow plows came yesterday and left a huge pile of heavy snow blocks where my path to the street used to be. Every path along my street was blocked by the 4-5 foot pile of snow blocks left along the south side of the street. When I looked at the daunting task of removing the snow pile, I was not sure I was up to the task. And my husband is still recovering from a couple of operations on his wrist and elbow, so he is in no shape to move the huge chunks of snow this year. I have been doing a pretty good job so far this winter in keeping the path clear between the sidewalk and the street, and keeping my own yard shovelled out. But this last piling of snow chunks was too much. I knew I would not be able to clear it, and hoped my husband would not try.
Later last night I had a look out my window. Someone had cleared my path to the street. Along with my path, my neighbours path was also cleared out. So, I am pretty sure who the good samaritan was.
This was not the first time my neighbour helped me out with the task of clearing snow. But thats what neighbours do. They help each other out.
When the plows go down our back lane, leaving the foot high, and better, chunks of snow, neighbours are helping neighbours. I have seen one neighbour with a four wheel ATV, and snow scraper at the front, move snow piles out of the way. And the neighbour with the snow blower a few houses down has been spotted travelling down the lane clearing snow. And another neighbour was out across the lane helping an elderly neighbour clear his parking space. Why? Because that's what neighbours do.
And in the summer, when we are cutting our front boulevard, we cut the boulevard in front of the neighbour to the left, and the one to the right at the same time. Why do we do that? Because they do the same when they are cutting their grass. Because that is what neighbours do.
At least that's what neighbours on my street do.
We've got a good bunch of neighbours on our street. And last night reminded me again just how great they are.

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  1. My experience on my block is pretty much the same. The north end rocks!!!!

    The little things in life we do for each other is what makes living here so special to me.

    There is a lot of goodness in this old neighbourhood.