Sunday, January 16, 2011

Landlords And Neighbourhood Responsibility

I had a neighbour drop by last night. Apparently the landlord is not fixing an issue in the house. Two weeks ago it was reported to the landlord that raw sewage was leaking in the basement. So far nothing has been done to correct the issue. The furnace did get fixed for the family, so they have heat now, but they still have raw sewage leaking, and pooling in their basement.
How long should it take to have a raw sewage problem repaired. And when the landlord was in their basement, just a few days ago, regarding the furnace, why did he still let the issue continue? And why did the neighbour wait until last night to ask me for assistance in correcting the issue?
Another landlord on the street seems to house criminals. Every time we manage to have one criminal removed another moves in. One has to wonder where the landlord advertises for tenants. The last one to leave had a criminal record longer than my arm. I know, because the person threw their court papers in the garbage out back and I found them. There were 43 charges listed. Some were traffic offences, but some of the charges were for serious stuff. The person started in the Youth Justice System and has stuck with a life of crime, living a few doors down from me for a few years. I did not actively work to have this person removed, but I sure am glad they are gone.
Other landlords do little to maintain houses, or ensure their tenants are not disturbing others.
When are we going to start holding landlords responsible for maintaining their houses, and maintaining a safe neighbourhod?


  1. That’s why they are called slum lords. If they can’t afford to fix the items that get broken then they should not be in the business.

  2. I would refer your neighbour to Darrell at the TLC (Tenant Landlord Cooperation) based at NECRC at 509 Selkirk Ave. He has been extremely successful in helping both tenants and landlords with major issues.

  3. North End LandlordJanuary 16, 2011 at 6:35 PM

    Sometimes your blogs make sense, but when I read stuff like this, it makes me wonder if you are really interested in addressing issues or just looking to blame and punish. Many landlords are members of TLC. That means they work in partnership with tenants and others to create positive and healthy environments. And who says landlords aren't held accountable? Owning rental property comes with many responsibilities.

  4. Winnipeg Girl, great info, I will definitely pass that information on. It is so difficult on weekends to know who to call for immediate action.
    North End Landlord, I am sorry if it seems like I am just pushing blame. I am aware that many landlords are very helpful, just had a great conversation with one today. But I sure do question the actions of some landlords.