Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Illegal Dumping Man Found And I Am Making A Statement

I reported an illegal dumping of construction material to 311 back in August. I was told at the time that nothing further could be done to find the person because the City By-Laws department did not have access to the MPI database to find out who this person was. I had a picture of the person, the truck he used, and the license plate of the truck used in the illegal dumping. That was not enough, at the time, to determine who the person was. The illegal dumper was free to dump whatever he wanted, whereever he wanted, because the system was broken.
Well, today I got a call from the By-Law department. I was told they were provided the information on the license plate and were able to proceed with the case. I will be making a statement next week. If necessary, I will also go to court to ensure this individual knows they did something wrong.
I remember the arrogance of the individual telling me he had the right to put his construction materials in my dumpster. I remember the arrogance of the individual telling me I should clean up my back lane. And I remember that my dumpster could not be emptied that week, because the door he jammed into it was too large to fit through the garbage truck mechanism. I remember that the City of Winnipeg tax payers had to pay for a second truck to come down my lane and get the door removed from the dumpster before I could get the dumpster emptied the next garbage day.
It took two and a half months to get the information from MPI, but at least they got it. Maybe the system is getting corrected. I sure hope so. But I will continue to work to correct the issues of waste management in the North End.


  1. Great work. Hopefully you can display the offending party's name and company, so we will know who not to do business with. Hopefully they will be hit with a rather substantial fine.

  2. Good (no, scratch that) Great work! As a contractor who PAYS to drive to Brady and PAYS to dump the garbage, this leech should get a stiff fine. He's not a businessman, he's a cheat.

  3. Sadly, illegal dumping will continue so long as some people believe they can get away with it.

  4. ILLEGAL dumping will continue as long as wimpy people do not stand up for their rights, if all of us watch out for , photograph and report this CHEAP activity it can be stopped.
    Our dumpsters on Rover used to be a magnet for construction crap, but when we moved to the corner house, it stopped, WHY because enough people had realised we would report them.
    I am so proud of you Rae!

  5. Yes it is time for these people to be exposed I have found them dumping behind businesses early morning and late at night. Worse yet drive into the field or Hydro clearing and dump it there cause they are to cheap to go to Brady. Bet you they charge there customer a disposal fee on their work done .

  6. I live in Wpg North close to perimeter,all I have is one small container for a large family and big yard. These new containers dont meet my needs. I have to go to the deump on aweekly basis. I wonder why Tuxedo and Charleswood dont have automated bins like is north enders