Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shot Gun Heard .... And I Called 911

I heard a shot gun this afternoon. It rang out loud and clear. And it was close.
Prior to this last weekend, I would not have called the police unless I heard several shots. But I tell you, I called this time, and I called right away.
The police called back very shortly after for further information. They also let me know there were several police cars in the area looking. Not only that, but they dropped by to talk to us in person. They let us know again that they were being vigilent.
Whether it was the same person as the weekend, or someone else, I cannot speak to that. But I truely believe we will catch this lunatic. If we all work together, talking to the police when we see something, and the police on high alert, we will catch this person.
This is OUR neighbourhood. See a crime, make a call, take a stand. We are all in this together.


  1. Go for it Rae, we were over in the Dufferin area today chatting to acquaintances and picked up a couple of bits of info we sent to police.
    We can do this working together, we must not let fear stop us and watching out for your family is not ratting.

  2. sent an e-mail to Joy Smith. "You stood on the corner of Inkster and Main. You stood there along side supporters holding signs asking that passing cars honk. You did this to become an MP for our area. I ask you this? Would you sill stand on that same corner at 2:30 a.m. without your supporters? didnt think so." She wont reply im sure.