Friday, October 15, 2010

Inside My Empty Dumpster

Have you even wondered what the inside of a dumpster looks like? Well, Thursday was garbage day in my back lane. The garbage truck came, as expected, and emptied the dumpsters in my back lane.
When I got home, I went into the back lane and had a look at the inside of my empty dumpster and the two dumpsters on either side of my dumpster. I know if I had my own personal dumpster or garbage cans, I would keep the inside clean, or at the very least ensure there is no garbage residue stuck and growing in the bottom of the trash can.
There is definitely garbage residue stuck to the bottom of the dumpsters. I never did get an answer from 311 regarding the schedule for cleaning the dumpsters or if my dumpster has ever been cleaned, but I decided to request the three dumpsters close to my residence to be cleaned. I have been advised that it may take up to 5 business days for the cleaning. I am not sure how they sanitize a full dumpster. Maybe they replace the dumpster with a new, clean one. I will wait and see.
In the summer it is worse, with the insects, flies, wasps, and odor. At least now it is just disgusting garbage at the bottom of the dumpsters.

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